Bzone is an ideal solution for all of your beauty needs. Discover the secret to velvety smooth skin.
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  • Effortless Hair Reduction

    Advanced laser technology eliminates ingrown hairs and stubble by directly targeting hair follicles.

  • Long-lasting Results

    Experience long-term smooth skin. Our device can drastically slow hair growth when used often.

  • Safe and Gentle

    Your comfort and safety are the top priorities when designing our product.

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips

    No more overpriced salon trips or hurried appointments. You could do hair removal procedures with our portable gadget at home.

The best method for

your money savings

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of getting rid of hair at home, saving time and thousands of dollars of money on salon appointments.

Upper Lip
Under Arms

Salon Waxing

  • $130
  • $200
  • $330
  • $650
  • $1,310*

Salon Laser

  • $1,500
  • $1,200
  • $1,800
  • $3,600
  • $8,000**


head-to-toe body treatments


*Calculated based on top US salon waxing chain national average, 8.6x per year.**Calculated based on 2020 Average – cost per treatment, pay per body part, 6x for first year.***Pricing varies based on model.

What Our Happy Customer Says!

We take pleasure in offering exceptional services to our customers. We appreciate their opinions and are happy to share some of the glowing recommendations from our delighted clients.

This device has saved lives. The outcomes speak for themselves and are swift and effective. I feel more self-assured than ever and have more time to myself.

Gretchen Baptista


This hair removal device has exceeded my expectations. I've seen a significant decrease in hair growth. I now feel a lot more at ease in my skin.

Emery Westervelt


I frequently travel for business, so this portable hair removal tool has become a must. It is portable and simple to operate I can maintain my grooming routine on the go.

Ann Mango


I've experimented with numerous hair removal techniques, but this portable gadget is by far the best. It does not hurt my skin and is mild on it.

Marley Ekstrom Bothman